Time to Update

It’s time to Jazz things up a bit

The site has been up for some time now, and while it’s serving it’s purpose of giving mentions to worthwhile new bands, the number of visitors here has been relatively low and looking at the statistics of the website, the number of pages being looked at is also relatively low. While I appreciate that this is probably partially due to people looking for a specific band and one found, they just leave the site again, I would like to ramp it up a bit, perhaps adding a forum so people can discuss the songs and music, but firstly and most importantly to make it look better.

The website itself was originally set up myself, with some help from a friend, we (and when I say we, I mean mainly he!) installed the software on the hosting account and took a standard website template, adjusted a few things such as colours and layout and it’s remained the same ever since. Don’t get me wrong, he knows what he’s doing as you can music-website-designsee over on his website with some interesting sites designed for all sorts of companies and people from bands of course, to typical local businesses. It was just a case of not wanting to take advantage of his good nature, so we kept things simple initially.

So now the time has come for the site to be completely overhauled and I’m on the prowl for a really nice template to get the whole process started. I really also want to include a feature where people can submit their band details, or those of another band in a fixed format, which I can then just check and approve, or not as the case may be. I’m sure there’s a plugin available for this type of thing, so it should be perfectly feasible.

I like the design above because it’s relatively simple and I can envisage a new band being added and it will post itself onto the front page with a thumbnail too, then have links to the other key parts of the site in the top navigation. This would also mean that the blog can be kept for posting about events and festivals etc, with the main band listings being kept seperate.

There are some fantastic band websites out there, so the number of them I look at I shouldn’t be short of ideas, however it does seem to be a case of the more you see, the more you become confused. I also need to bear in mind that when someone visits a bands website, they want to find out more or are a fan already, perhaps looking for music downloads or tour dates etc, then people come here, we don’t have that kind of pull (well, not yet anyway), so need to keep the site as easy to navigate as possible to make sure people can find what they want. Yes, I know that’s not a problem at the moment, but once the redesign is done, I’m hoping for a balance of appearance and functionality, don’t want much do I?

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