Unusual music for a Wedding

It was a friends wedding at the weekend, a bit of a boozy affair from what I can remember, but they had 2 guys playing guitar and singing, both ex-professional musicians, one from an old pop/punk band, the other a classical guitar player, so it begged the question what on earth were they going to do?

I and most of the other guests were pleasantly surprised. They did a wide range of songs in a comedy style, for example they played an Elvis Presley song, but sped it up a bit and the guy doing the singing put on some elvis glasses and wig and sung with an OTT accent with plenty of Uh Hu’s thrown in for good measure. They played a wide range of songs but sped up the slow ones and vice versa, all done acoustically too, albeit through a PA so there was some reverb on there.

The best one was an Abba song, which sounded particularly amusing with male vocals for both the male and female leads.

They are planning another Christmas party too, so I expect I’ll have to make my way up the local again to see what they come up with this time, Oh hang on, I will probably be there anyway!

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