Christmas Parties

It’s that time of year again, when the company decides to splash out on a bit of a knees up, everyone get’s drunk, makes a fool of them-self and returns to work the next day, or in a lot of cases two days later and has to face their colleagues having done their silly dancing, fallen asleep in the corridor or having spent half the night down the toilet. Oh the joy of office Christmas parties.

christmas-partyIt’s pretty rare these days that it’s done in the office itself, although in “the office” Christmas special, it did look pretty funny having a dance floor set up right in the middle of the space where you usually work. More likely these days though the company will either book one of these pre-organised events which are often in a big marquee, with all the catering laid on, a huge dance floor with a professional band and other entertainment (I’ve seen acts as varied as magicians and trapeze artists at the ones I’ve been to). These are usually organised by event management companies who arrange the whole thing and then just sell tickets per head.

The alternative these days is a similar approach but held in a club, bar or restaurant, often still with a band playing, but on a much smaller scale. Or even worse, the boss just takes corporate event managementyou all out for a meal somewhere, then you are left to your own devices and own bar bills.

This time of year does provide numerous opportunities for professional bands though, I don’t mean the type that we normally mention on here, more the well groomed covers bands, no offense to the rest of you though. So if you have the ability to play this type of music (classic dance floor fillers) it’s worth making sure that you are registered with the agents at this time of year, as the number of events organisers looking for bands is massive. Even those who put on the large events mentioned earlier may well not get in early enough to book all the dates they want with a single group, so if you can get just the occasional slot, you may be approached much earlier next year and get the lions share of the dates.

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