Time to Update

It’s time to Jazz things up a bit

The site has been up for some time now, and while it’s serving it’s purpose of giving mentions to worthwhile new bands, the number of visitors here has been relatively low and looking at the statistics of the website, the number of pages being looked at is also relatively low. While I appreciate that this is probably partially due to people looking for a specific band and one found, they just leave the site again, I would like to ramp it up a bit, perhaps adding a forum so people can discuss the songs and music, but firstly and most importantly to make it look better.

The website itself was originally set up myself, with some help from a friend, we (and when I say we, I mean mainly he!) installed the software on the hosting account and took a standard website template, adjusted a few things such as colours and layout and it’s remained the same ever since. Don’t get me wrong, he knows what he’s doing as you can music-website-designsee over on his website with some interesting sites designed for all sorts of companies and people from bands of course, to typical local businesses. It was just a case of not wanting to take advantage of his good nature, so we kept things simple initially.

So now the time has come for the site to be completely overhauled and I’m on the prowl for a really nice template to get the whole process started. I really also want to include a feature where people can submit their band details, or those of another band in a fixed format, which I can then just check and approve, or not as the case may be. I’m sure there’s a plugin available for this type of thing, so it should be perfectly feasible.

I like the design above because it’s relatively simple and I can envisage a new band being added and it will post itself onto the front page with a thumbnail too, then have links to the other key parts of the site in the top navigation. This would also mean that the blog can be kept for posting about events and festivals etc, with the main band listings being kept seperate.

There are some fantastic band websites out there, so the number of them I look at I shouldn’t be short of ideas, however it does seem to be a case of the more you see, the more you become confused. I also need to bear in mind that when someone visits a bands website, they want to find out more or are a fan already, perhaps looking for music downloads or tour dates etc, then people come here, we don’t have that kind of pull (well, not yet anyway), so need to keep the site as easy to navigate as possible to make sure people can find what they want. Yes, I know that’s not a problem at the moment, but once the redesign is done, I’m hoping for a balance of appearance and functionality, don’t want much do I?

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Christmas Parties

It’s that time of year again, when the company decides to splash out on a bit of a knees up, everyone get’s drunk, makes a fool of them-self and returns to work the next day, or in a lot of cases two days later and has to face their colleagues having done their silly dancing, fallen asleep in the corridor or having spent half the night down the toilet. Oh the joy of office Christmas parties.

christmas-partyIt’s pretty rare these days that it’s done in the office itself, although in “the office” Christmas special, it did look pretty funny having a dance floor set up right in the middle of the space where you usually work. More likely these days though the company will either book one of these pre-organised events which are often in a big marquee, with all the catering laid on, a huge dance floor with a professional band and other entertainment (I’ve seen acts as varied as magicians and trapeze artists at the ones I’ve been to). These are usually organised by event management companies who arrange the whole thing and then just sell tickets per head.

The alternative these days is a similar approach but held in a club, bar or restaurant, often still with a band playing, but on a much smaller scale. Or even worse, the boss just takes corporate event managementyou all out for a meal somewhere, then you are left to your own devices and own bar bills.

This time of year does provide numerous opportunities for professional bands though, I don’t mean the type that we normally mention on here, more the well groomed covers bands, no offense to the rest of you though. So if you have the ability to play this type of music (classic dance floor fillers) it’s worth making sure that you are registered with the agents at this time of year, as the number of events organisers looking for bands is massive. Even those who put on the large events mentioned earlier may well not get in early enough to book all the dates they want with a single group, so if you can get just the occasional slot, you may be approached much earlier next year and get the lions share of the dates.

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Unusual music for a Wedding

It was a friends wedding at the weekend, a bit of a boozy affair from what I can remember, but they had 2 guys playing guitar and singing, both ex-professional musicians, one from an old pop/punk band, the other a classical guitar player, so it begged the question what on earth were they going to do?

I and most of the other guests were pleasantly surprised. They did a wide range of songs in a comedy style, for example they played an Elvis Presley song, but sped it up a bit and the guy doing the singing put on some elvis glasses and wig and sung with an OTT accent with plenty of Uh Hu’s thrown in for good measure. They played a wide range of songs but sped up the slow ones and vice versa, all done acoustically too, albeit through a PA so there was some reverb on there.

The best one was an Abba song, which sounded particularly amusing with male vocals for both the male and female leads.

They are planning another Christmas party too, so I expect I’ll have to make my way up the local again to see what they come up with this time, Oh hang on, I will probably be there anyway!

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Pop of Ages

Hailing from Swindon, but playing weddings and private parties all around the south east and south west, Pop of ages are a well established, professional band playing a wide range of covers, from the Black eyed Peas to Queen and Take That to Kings of Leon. They perform as a 3 piece band upwards, adding full brass section. As a professional party band they play a wide range of private functions, from wedding receptions, to corporate functions.

Comments such as the following are not uncommon:pop of ages 6 piece band

“I’ve had nothing but praise from so many of the guests about how wonderful they thought the band were”
“So many people have asked me for your contact details wanting to book you for future events”
“The band are absolutely brilliant and made the evening go fantastically”

With these kind of comments, it’s probably worth checking them out and listening to the pre recorded and live songs on their website www.popofages.co.uk If you are looking for professional party bands they are well worth a look.

I’ve also noticed they have recently updated their site with several new videos of live gigs and some studio (i think) recordings. Also, lots of information about the band members and the different band members they use for different sized setups, which I assume is all dependent on the budget available.

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Unity Is happy to share our music with the world, listen and enjoy, we are a cross with southern gospel and southern rock and our style swings from one to the other, from song to song, you never know what we will come up with next.
Visit Us Online at www.steamkingcleaning/unity.html

Unity is:
Dwight Sanders – Lead Vocals
James King – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Jimmy Whiltburgur – Drums
Darlene Whiltburgur – Piano
Rick Asher – Bass / Vocals
Smiley – Rythm Guitar / Vocals

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Michael Maxwell

SOLO Songwriter with 4 Cds released. Guitarist, Studio Owner, Multi-Instrumentalist and Lead singer with loads of experience. Hit record in the 60’s. Looking for a bassist and drummer who have common interests, in the Houston area. Film and TV interests. Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B and be yourself. (ASCAP). Have Studio. 40 years Guitar/Vocal experience.

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Still Water

One of the hottest bands on the scene. You don’t want to miss Still Water in concert.

The Still Water ministry is focused on the cause of Christ and is inspired by His call on the lives of its members. Being a multi-denominational not for profit ministry, Still Water seeks to spread the message of Christ to all that will hear.

The message, ever so clear is that we must become the proverbial “hand of God”; the SW members have a unique testimony that expounds upon the works of Christ in this generation.

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Kwantum Leep

Kwantum Leep started out in 2003 in Hermitage, PA. The original and current members include Jon \”DJ BIDD\” Biddle, Dan \”Diggity DanK\” Kelly and Ben \”Big Whitey\” Elliott. The namesake comes from a combination of the Scott Bakula TV show of the early 90\’s and also Eat and Park\’s Quantum Leap Chocolate Cake.
Originally dubbed as parodic rap, KL made its claim to fame with wild beats and off the wall lyrics. The debut album \”Kwantum Leep Year\” did not sell too well until the boys re-released it with the underground sounds of \”Fab Four Diss 1 & 2\”

The rumor mill speculates that the boys will be releasing a new album soon

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Don’t Scare The Dog

Don’t Scare The Dog was well-known in the southeast USA a few years back. Early in 2007 Lonnie G. and Larry decided to bring the band back to life. They added Frank Hinson on Guitar, and Dave Lauber on drums. They played their first show on February 9th, 2007. They are located in and around central Florida near Orlando, and feature cover and original tunes from classic rock, to blues, to straight-up rock n’ roll! You are sure to have a blast if you catch one of their shows!

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Everette Hix Project

The Everette Hix Project is an original modern Americana/folk group. Guitars, mandolin, bass,and drums pull together to shape a new sound around these great songs. They are always seeking out great songs and great sounds. As a songwriter, Everette pulls from everywhere imaginable to create words and music that tell stories of heartbreak, idealism, and even a few family secrets. That\\\’s Everette and his brother Ryan in the photo. Take a listen, check out their work and let them know what you think.

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